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A consideration of book reserve schemes

  • D. C. Mason, R. L. M. Arnold, R. E. Clark, T. E. Crowter, A. I. Johnston, S. M. Neil and A. N. Walton...


With the financial services industries in the member countries of the European Union coming under increasing attention resulting in relaxation of cross border controls, this paper addresses some pensions matters in this European context and how they may relate to the U.K. The main theme of the paper is the book reserve approach to pensions provision. Details of the German book reserve method are provided before developing possible ways in which this philosophy could be introduced into the U.K. These possibilities are assessed and consideration given to the effect they may have on the economy, commerce, the pension fund industry and, not least, the actuarial profession in the U.K.



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A consideration of book reserve schemes

  • D. C. Mason, R. L. M. Arnold, R. E. Clark, T. E. Crowter, A. I. Johnston, S. M. Neil and A. N. Walton...


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