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Woodin's axiom (*), bounded forcing axioms, and precipitous ideals on ω 1

  • Benjamin Claverie (a1) and Ralf Schindler (a1)


If the Bounded Proper Forcing Axiom BPFA holds, then Mouse Reflection holds at ℵ2 with respect to all mouse operators up to the level of Woodin cardinals in the next ZFC-model. This yields that if Woodin's ℙmax axiom (*) holds, then BPFA implies that V is closed under the “Woodin-in-the-next-ZFC-model” operator. We also discuss stronger Mouse Reflection principles which we show to follow from strengthenings of BPFA, and we discuss the theory BPFA plus “NS ω1 is precipitous” and strengthenings thereof. Along the way, we answer a question of Baumgartner and Taylor, [2, Question 6.11].



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