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Topological dynamics and definable groups

  • Anand Pillay (a1)


We give a commentary on Newelski's suggestion or conjecture [8] that topological dynamics, in the sense of Ellis [3], applied to the action of a definable group G(M) on its “external type space” SG.ext(M), can explain, account for, or give rise to, the quotient G/G00, at least for suitable groups in NIP theories. We give a positive answer for measure-stable (or f sg) groups in NIP theories. As part of our analysis we show the existence of “externally definable” generics of G(M) for measure-stable groups. We also point out that for G definably amenable (in a NIP theory) G/G00 can be recovered, via the Ellis theory, from a natural Ellis semigroup structure on the space of global f-generic types.



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Topological dynamics and definable groups

  • Anand Pillay (a1)


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