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A special class of almost disjoint families

  • Thomas E. Leathrum (a1)


The collection of branches (maximal linearly ordered sets of nodes) of the tree <ωω (ordered by inclusion) forms an almost disjoint family (of sets of nodes). This family is not maximal — for example, any level of the tree is almost disjoint from all of the branches. How many sets must be added to the family of branches to make it maximal? This question leads to a series of definitions and results: a set of nodes is off-branch if it is almost disjoint from every branch in the tree; an off-branch family is an almost disjoint family of off-branch sets; and is the minimum cardinality of a maximal off-branch family.

Results concerning include: (in ZFC) , and (consistent with ZFC) is not equal to any of the standard small cardinal invariants or = 2ω. Most of these consistency results use standard forcing notions—for example, in the Cohen model.

Many interesting open questions remain, though—for example, whether .


Corresponding author

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia 30149, E-mail:


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A special class of almost disjoint families

  • Thomas E. Leathrum (a1)


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