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On the decidability of implicational ticket entailment

  • Katalin Bimbó (a1) and J. Michael Dunn (a2)


The implicational fragment of the logic of relevant implication, R is known to be decidable. We show that the implicational fragment of the logic of ticket entailment, T is decidable. Our proof is based on the consecution calculus that we introduced specifically to solve this 50-year old open problem. We reduce the decidability problem of T to the decidability problem of R. The decidability of T is equivalent to the decidability of the inhabitation problem of implicational types by combinators over the base {B, B′, I, W}.



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On the decidability of implicational ticket entailment

  • Katalin Bimbó (a1) and J. Michael Dunn (a2)


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