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Complex plasma phenomena

Complex Plasma Phenomena collection

The focus of this special issue of JPP is on a number of topics that exhibit an interdisciplinary character: turbulence, magnetic fields, disk – jet connection; mechanisms for angular momentum transport in accretion disks; complex, dusty, and non-neutral plasmas; turbulence in laboratory and space plasmas; coherent and self-organized structures; plasma – wave interactions and instabilities; high-energy plasmas; nonlinear behaviour of thermonuclear plasmas; antimatter plasmas; fundamental issues in the theoretical description of plasmas and in computational plasma physics.

This special issue of Journal of Plasma Physics aims at providing a panoramic view of the state of the art on the subject of complex plasma phenomena, by collecting relevant contributions from a wide range of different approaches in plasma physics and astrophysics, including observations, experiments, theory, and numerical modelling.

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