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Variety of shapes of solar wind ion flux spectra: Spektr-R measurements

  • Maria Riazantseva (a1), V. Budaev (a1) (a2), L. Rakhmanova (a1), G. Zastenker (a1), Yu. Yermolaev (a1), I. Lodkina (a1), J. Šafránková (a3), Z. Němeček (a3) and L. Přech (a3)...


The paper is devoted to the shapes of the solar wind ion flux fluctuation spectrum at the transition between the inertial and the kinetic range using in situ high-resolution measurements of the Russian mission Spektr-R. We analyse the variability of the transition region and select five typical types of spectral shapes: (i) spectra with two slopes and one break, (ii) spectra characterized by a nonlinear steepening in the kinetic range, (iii) spectra with flattening in the vicinity of the break, (iv) spectra with a bump in the vicinity of the break and (v) spectra without any steepening in the kinetic range. The most popular is the well-known type (i) observed in approximately half of the cases. The second most popular type of spectra is type (iii) occurring in approximately one third of the cases. The other three types are observed less often: type (ii) – in approximately 6 %; type (iv) in 3 % and type (v) in 6 % of cases. An analysis of typical plasma conditions for different types of spectra revealed that the last two type of spectra (iv) and (v) are generally observed in a very slow solar wind with a low proton density, (i) and (iii) are observed in the solar wind with rather typical conditions and (ii) is usually observed in high-speed streams. The effect of nonlinear steepening of the spectra in the kinetic range increases with the solar wind speed. We present also the analysis of statistical properties of the observed events and compare them with the predictions of several statistical turbulence models. We show that intermittency is always observed in the solar wind flow despite the presence of one or another shape of spectra. The log-Poisson model with a dominant contribution of filament-like structures shows the best parameterization of the experimentally observed scaling.


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Variety of shapes of solar wind ion flux spectra: Spektr-R measurements

  • Maria Riazantseva (a1), V. Budaev (a1) (a2), L. Rakhmanova (a1), G. Zastenker (a1), Yu. Yermolaev (a1), I. Lodkina (a1), J. Šafránková (a3), Z. Němeček (a3) and L. Přech (a3)...


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