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Three-dimensional magnetic reconnection and its application to solar flares

  • Miho Janvier (a1)


Solar flares are powerful radiations occurring in the Sun’s atmosphere. They are powered by magnetic reconnection, a phenomenon that can convert magnetic energy into other forms of energy such as heat and kinetic energy, and which is believed to be ubiquitous in the universe. With the ever increasing spatial and temporal resolutions of solar observations, as well as numerical simulations benefiting from increasing computer power, we can now probe into the nature and the characteristics of magnetic reconnection in three dimensions to better understand the phenomenon’s consequences during eruptive flares in our star’s atmosphere. We review in the following the efforts made on different fronts to approach the problem of magnetic reconnection. In particular, we will see how understanding the magnetic topology in three dimensions helps in locating the most probable regions for reconnection to occur, how the current layer evolves in three dimensions and how reconnection leads to the formation of flux ropes, plasmoids and flaring loops.

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      Three-dimensional magnetic reconnection and its application to solar flares
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      Three-dimensional magnetic reconnection and its application to solar flares
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      Three-dimensional magnetic reconnection and its application to solar flares
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