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Super rogue waves in ultracold neutral nonextensive plasmas

  • S. A. EL-TANTAWY (a1), N. A. EL-BEDWEHY (a2) and W. M. MOSLEM (a1)


The generation of ion-acoustic rogue waves in ultracold neutral plasmas (UNPs) composed of ion fluids and nonextensive electron distribution is investigated. For this purpose, basic equations are reduced to a nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE) using a reductive perturbation technique. The existence region for the rogue waves defined precisely in terms of the critical wavenumber threshold kc. It is found that increasing the nonextensive parameter q would lead to a decrease of kc until q approaches to its critical value qc, then further increase of q beyond qc enhances kc; however, kc shrinks with the increase of the ions effective temperature ratio σ∗. The dependence of the first- and second-order rational solutions profile on the UNP parameters is numerically examined. It is noticed that near to the critical nonextensive parameter qc, the rogue wave amplitude becomes smaller, but it enhances whenever we stepped away from qc. However, the enhancement of the temperature ratio σ∗ and the wavenumber k reduces the envelope rogue wave amplitudes.



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Super rogue waves in ultracold neutral nonextensive plasmas

  • S. A. EL-TANTAWY (a1), N. A. EL-BEDWEHY (a2) and W. M. MOSLEM (a1)


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