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Study on the influence of the magnetic field geometry on the power deposition in a helicon plasma source

  • M. Magarotto (a1), D. Melazzi (a2) and D. Pavarin (a3)


We have numerically studied how an actual confinement magnetostatic field affects power deposition in a helicon source. We have solved the wave propagation by means of two electromagnetic solvers, namely: (i) plaSma Padova Inhomogeneous Radial Electromagnetic solver (SPIREs), a mono-dimensional finite-difference frequency-domain code, and (ii) Advanced coDe for Anisotropic Media and ANTennas (ADAMANT), a full-wave three-dimensional tool based on the method of moments. We have computed the deposited power spectrum with SPIREs, power deposition profile with ADAMANT and the antenna impedance with both codes. First we have verified the numerical accuracy of both SPIREs and ADAMNT. Then, we have analysed two configurations of magnetostatic field, namely produced by Maxwell coils, and Helmholtz coils. For each configuration we have studied three cases: (i) low density $n=10^{17}~\text{m}^{-3}$ and low magnetic field $B_{0}=250$  G; (ii) medium density $n=10^{18}~\text{m}^{-3}$ and medium magnetic field $B_{0}=500$  G; (iii) high density $n=10^{19}~\text{m}^{-3}$ and high magnetic field $B_{0}=1000$  G. We have found that the Maxwell coil configuration does not produces significant changes in the deposited power phenomenon with respect to a perfectly uniform and axial magnetostatic field. While the Helmholtz coil configuration can lead to a power spectrum peaked near the axis of the discharge.


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