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Stellarator equilibria with reactor relevant energetic particle losses

  • Aaron Bader (a1), M. Drevlak (a2), D. T. Anderson (a1), B. J. Faber (a1), C. C. Hegna (a1), K. M. Likin (a1), J. C. Schmitt (a3) and J. N. Talmadge (a1)...


Stellarator configurations with reactor relevant energetic particle losses are constructed by simultaneously optimizing for quasisymmetry and an analytically derived metric ( $\unicode[STIX]{x1D6E4}_{c}$ ), which attempts to align contours of the second adiabatic invariant, $J_{\Vert }$ with magnetic surfaces. Results show that with this optimization scheme it is possible to generate quasihelically symmetric equilibria on the scale of ARIES-CS which completely eliminate all collisionless alpha particle losses within normalized radius $r/a=0.3$ . We show that the best performance is obtained by reducing losses at the trapped–passing boundary. Energetic particle transport can be improved even when neoclassical transport, as calculated using the metric $\unicode[STIX]{x1D716}_{\text{eff}}$ , is degraded. Several quasihelically symmetric equilibria with different aspect ratios are presented, all with excellent energetic particle confinement.


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Stellarator equilibria with reactor relevant energetic particle losses

  • Aaron Bader (a1), M. Drevlak (a2), D. T. Anderson (a1), B. J. Faber (a1), C. C. Hegna (a1), K. M. Likin (a1), J. C. Schmitt (a3) and J. N. Talmadge (a1)...


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