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Self-similar expansion of adiabatic electronegative dusty plasma

  • M. Shahmansouri (a1), A. Bemooni (a1) and A. A. Mamun (a2)


The self-similar expansion of an adiabatic electronegative dusty plasma (consisting of inertialess adiabatic electrons, inertialess adiabatic ions and inertial adiabatic negatively charged dust fluids) is theoretically investigated by employing the self-similar approach. It is found that the effects of the plasma adiabaticity (represented by the adiabatic index  $\unicode[STIX]{x1D6FE}$ ) and dusty plasma parameters (determined by dust temperature and initial dust population) significantly modify the nature of the plasma expansion. The implications of our results are expected to play an important role in understanding the physics of the expansion of space and laboratory electronegative dusty plasmas.


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