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Preliminary characteristics of magnetic field and plasma performance in the Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment (MDPX)

  • E. Thomas (a1), A. M. DuBois (a1), B. Lynch (a1), S. Adams (a1), R. Fisher (a1), D. Artis (a1), S. LeBlanc (a1), U. Konopka (a1), R. L. Merlino (a2) and M. Rosenberg (a3)...


The Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment (MDPX) device is a newly constructed research instrument for the study of dusty (complex) plasmas. The MDPX device is envisioned as an experimental platform in which the dynamical behavior of all three charged plasma components, the electrons, ions, and charged microparticles (i.e., the ‘dust’) will be significantly influenced by the magnetic force. This brief paper will provide a short overview of the design, magnetic performance, and initial plasma measurements in the MDPX device.


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