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Predictive simulations of operation scenarios for EAST with METIS code

  • Y. C. Li (a1) (a2), M. H. Li (a1), B. J. Ding (a1), J. F. Artaud (a3), Y. Peysson (a3), A. Ekedahl (a3), M. Wang (a1), X. J. Wang (a1), H. D. Xu (a1), J. F. Shan (a1) and F. K. Liu (a1)...


Upgraded heating and current drive (H/CD) systems have been equipped on the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). With the upgraded H/CD systems, the operation space of EAST is extended, and the ability to achieve higher performance is improved. In this paper, a 0.5 dimension transport code named Minute Embedded Tokamak Integrated Simulator (METIS) is applied to predict the EAST operation space and to assess the current drive capability of the 4.6 GHz lower hybrid current drive system. Predictive simulation of several EAST scenarios, including steady-state high confinement mode (H-mode), advanced regime, high normalized beta and high electron temperature, are also performed with the available H/CD systems. The simulation results provide a guidance for forthcoming advanced EAST experiments.


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