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On whistler-mode trapping in the magnetospheric ducts

  • S. S. Sazhin (a1)


Conditions for whistler-mode trapping in the magnetospheric ducts are considered. The plasma model includes electron temperature and anisotropy, and there are no restrictions on the value of the wave normal angle. It is pointed out that the range of the wave normal angles for which whistler-mode waves can be trapped in the ducts with enhanced electron density increases when the electron temperature and (or) anisotropy increases; the corresponding increase also takes place for the average wave normal angle when whistler-mode waves are trapped in the ducts that have a deficiency in electron density. The limits of applicability of a simplified formula derived by Sazhin & Sazhina, for whistler-mode propagation in a hot anisotropic plasma, are clarified.



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On whistler-mode trapping in the magnetospheric ducts

  • S. S. Sazhin (a1)


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