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Numerical simulation of the excitation and evolution of high-azimuthal-mode-number coherent vortices in hollow magnetized electron columns

  • R. MARCHAND (a1) and M. SHOUCRI (a2)


A finite-element code is used to study the excitation of a perturbation with a range of azimuthal mode numbers in hollow magnetized plasma columns, and the subsequent nonlinear development and evolution of coherent vortices interacting to coalesce, while cascading to a lower azimuthal mode number. It is shown that, even for initially higher azimuthal mode numbers, the angular momentum remains a slowly varying ideal invariant, while the system cascades to lower azimuthal mode numbers. A detailed study of the evolution is presented for initially excited m = 3, m = 4, and m = 5 azimuthal modes, which underlines the physics of the inverse cascade of angular momentum.


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