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Non-local theory of a transverse magnetic mode pumped free electron laser

  • B. S. SHARMA (a1) and N. K. JAIMAN (a2)


A non-local theory is used to study the effects of the corrugation parameter ε of a plasma-filled slow wave structure, the cyclotron frequency of a pumped magnetic field Ω and the relativistic gamma factor γ0 on the instability growth Γ of a free electron laser in the presence of an external finite axial magnetic field. The dispersion relation is derived and the growth rate is formulated in the Raman regime. The growth rate is approximately proportional to ε. There is a considerable decrease in the instability growth when the cyclotron frequency is close to ω0. The growth rate approximately scales inversely as the 19/2 power of the relativistic gamma factor.



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Non-local theory of a transverse magnetic mode pumped free electron laser

  • B. S. SHARMA (a1) and N. K. JAIMAN (a2)


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