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Nanoparticles in direct-current discharges: Growth and electrostatic coupling

  • Kishor Kumar K. (a1), L. Couëdel (a1) and C. Arnas (a1)


The formation of nanoparticles from the sputtering of graphite and tungsten cathodes in direct-current discharges is investigated. The successive phases of growth present specificities according to the cathode material. The evolution of the discharge and plasma parameters during the growth phases accounts for the nanoparticle-plasma electrostatic coupling. This evolution also presents strong differences as a function of the cathode material. Features characterising each case are discussed.


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Nanoparticles in direct-current discharges: Growth and electrostatic coupling

  • Kishor Kumar K. (a1), L. Couëdel (a1) and C. Arnas (a1)


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