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MHD intermediate shock discontinuities. Part 1. Rankine—Hugoniot conditions

  • C. F. Kennel (a1), R. D. Blandford (a1) and P. Coppi (a1)


Recent numerical investigations have focused attention once more on the role of intermediate shocks in MHD. Four types of intermediate shock are identified using a graphical representation of the MHD Rankine-Hugoniot conditions. This same representation can be used to exhibit the close relationship of intermediate shocks to switch-on shocks and rotational discontinuities. The conditions under which intermediate discontinuities can be found are elucidated. The variations in velocity, pressure, entropy and magnetic-field jumps with upstream parameters in intermediate shocks are exhibited graphically. The evolutionary arguments traditionally advanced against intermediate shocks may fail because the equations of classical MHD are not strictly hyperbolic.



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MHD intermediate shock discontinuities. Part 1. Rankine—Hugoniot conditions

  • C. F. Kennel (a1), R. D. Blandford (a1) and P. Coppi (a1)


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