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Local stability of anisotropy-driven modes in diffuse high-beta plasmas

  • J. Goedert (a1) and J. P. Mondt (a1)


Finite ion Larmor radius effects (ε ≡ γLi/LΙ< 1 but finite) are found to cause a branching of the Alfvén ion cyclotron mode, whereas the growth rate of the mirror mode is found to be of the order of for ωci for ε≥ 0.1 and rather moderate values of plasma beta and temperature anisotropy. For this regime its growth rate considerably exceeds that of the Alfvén ion cyclotron mode.



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Local stability of anisotropy-driven modes in diffuse high-beta plasmas

  • J. Goedert (a1) and J. P. Mondt (a1)


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