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Large amplitude ion-acoustic double layers in warm dusty plasma

  • S. L. Jain (a1), R. S. Tiwari (a2) and M. K. Mishra (a3)


Large amplitude ion-acoustic double layer (IADL) is studied using Sagdeev's pseudo-potential technique in collisionless unmagnetized plasma comprising hot and cold Maxwellian population of electrons, warm adiabatic ions, and dust grains. Variation of both Mach number (M) and amplitude |φ m | of large amplitude IADL with charge, concentration, and mass of heavily charged massive dust grains is investigated for both positive and negative dust in plasma. Our numerical analysis shows that system supports only rarefactive large amplitude IADL for the selected set of plasma parameters. Our investigations for both negative and positive dust grains reveal that ion temperature increases the mobility of ions, resulting in increase in the Mach number of IADL. The larger mobility of ions causes leakage of ions from localized region, resulting into decrease in the amplitude of IADL. Other parameters, e.g. temperature ratio of hot to cold electrons, charge, concentration, mass of heavily charged massive dust grains also play significant role in the properties and existence of double layers. Since it is well established that both positive and negative dust are found in space as well as laboratory plasma, and double layers have a tremendous role to play in astrophysics, we have included both positive and negative dust in our numerical analysis for the study of large amplitude IADL. Further data used for negative dust are close to experimentally observed data. Hence, it is anticipated that our parametric studies for heavily charged (both positive and negative) dust may be useful in understanding laboratory plasma experiments, identifying nonlinear structures in upper part of ionosphere and lower part of magnetosphere structures, and in theoretical research for the study of properties of nonlinear structures.


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Large amplitude ion-acoustic double layers in warm dusty plasma

  • S. L. Jain (a1), R. S. Tiwari (a2) and M. K. Mishra (a3)


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