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The HelCat basic plasma science device

  • M. Gilmore (a1), A. G. Lynn (a1), T. R. Desjardins (a1), Y. Zhang (a1), C. Watts (a1) (a2), S. C. Hsu (a3), S. Betts (a1), R. Kelly (a1) and E. Schamiloglu (a1)...


The Helicon-Cathode(HelCat) device is a medium-size linear experiment suitable for a wide range of basic plasma science experiments in areas such as electrostatic turbulence and transport, magnetic relaxation, and high power microwave (HPM)-plasma interactions. The HelCat device is based on dual plasma sources located at opposite ends of the 4 m long vacuum chamber – an RF helicon source at one end and a thermionic cathode at the other. Thirteen coils provide an axial magnetic field B ⩾ 0.220 T that can be configured individually to give various magnetic configurations (e.g. solenoid, mirror, cusp). Additional plasma sources, such as a compact coaxial plasma gun, are also utilized in some experiments, and can be located either along the chamber for perpendicular (to the background magnetic field) plasma injection, or at one of the ends for parallel injection. Using the multiple plasma sources, a wide range of plasma parameters can be obtained. Here, the HelCat device is described in detail and some examples of results from previous and ongoing experiments are given. Additionally, examples of planned experiments and device modifications are also discussed.


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The HelCat basic plasma science device

  • M. Gilmore (a1), A. G. Lynn (a1), T. R. Desjardins (a1), Y. Zhang (a1), C. Watts (a1) (a2), S. C. Hsu (a3), S. Betts (a1), R. Kelly (a1) and E. Schamiloglu (a1)...


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