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Energetic electron generation by magnetic reconnection in laboratory laser-plasma interactions

  • Q.-L. DONG (a1) (a2), D.-W. YUAN (a2), S.-J. WANG (a2), Y. T. LI (a2), X. LIU (a2), S. E. JIANG (a3), Y. K. DING (a3), K. DU (a3), M.-Y. YU (a4) (a5), X.-T. HE (a4) (a6), Y. J. TANG (a3), J. Q. ZHU (a7), G. ZHAO (a8), Z.-M. SHENG (a2) (a9) and J. ZHANG (a2) (a9)...


The magnetic reconnection (MR) configuration was constructed by using two approaching laser-produced plasma bubbles. The characteristics of the MR current sheet were investigated. The driving energy of the laser pulse affects the type of the current sheet. The experiments present “Y-type” and “X-type” current sheets for larger and smaller driving energy, respectively. The energetic electrons were found to be well-collimated. The formation and ejection of plasmoid from the “Y-type” current sheet was expected to enhance the number of accelerated electrons.



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Energetic electron generation by magnetic reconnection in laboratory laser-plasma interactions

  • Q.-L. DONG (a1) (a2), D.-W. YUAN (a2), S.-J. WANG (a2), Y. T. LI (a2), X. LIU (a2), S. E. JIANG (a3), Y. K. DING (a3), K. DU (a3), M.-Y. YU (a4) (a5), X.-T. HE (a4) (a6), Y. J. TANG (a3), J. Q. ZHU (a7), G. ZHAO (a8), Z.-M. SHENG (a2) (a9) and J. ZHANG (a2) (a9)...


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