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Electromagnetic emission from laser wakefields in underdense magnetized plasmas

  • Z. D. HU (a1), Z. M. SHENG (a1) (a2), W. J. DING (a1), W. M. WANG (a1), Q. L. DONG (a1) and J. ZHANG (a1) (a2)...


The laser wakefield structure in a magnetized underdense plasma is studied analytically and numerically. Because of the DC magnetic field perpendicular to the laser propagation direction, an electromagnetic component appears in addition to the normal electrostatic component. This electromagnetic component can transmit partially into vacuum at the plasma–vacuum boundary as shown by particle-in-cell simulation. It is found that the emission has components both at the fundamental plasma frequency and its harmonics if the wakefield is driven at a high amplitude. Comparing with the emission at the plasma frequency, the harmonic emission depends weakly upon the density profile at plasma–vacuum boundary and it can pass through the boundary almost without energy loss, providing a new method for the diagnostic of wakefields.



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