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Eikonal-Glauber Thomas–Fermi model for atomic collisions with many-electron atoms for plasma applications

  • Myoung-Jae Lee (a1) (a2) and Young-Dae Jung (a3) (a4)


We have derived the universal eikonal-Glauber Thomas–Fermi model for atomic collision cross-sections with many-electron atoms, such as iron and tungsten atoms, including the influence of atomic screening in fusion devices and plasma technologies. The eikonal-Glauber method is employed to obtain the analytic expressions for the effective atomic charge, the scattering phase shift and the atomic cross-section in terms of the atomic form factor and the Mott–Massey screening parameter. The result shows that the effective atomic charge would be the same as the case of the net nuclear charge for the large momentum transfer domain and becomes zero without momentum transfer due to the influence of bound atomic electrons. It is shown that the eikonal scattering phase shift and the total eikonal-Glauber scattering cross-section increase with increasing charge number $Z$ of the nucleus of the target atom. It is also found that the charge dependence of the total eikonal-Glauber scattering cross-section decreases with an increase of the scaled collision energy since the atomic form factor is small for large collision energies.



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Eikonal-Glauber Thomas–Fermi model for atomic collisions with many-electron atoms for plasma applications

  • Myoung-Jae Lee (a1) (a2) and Young-Dae Jung (a3) (a4)


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