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A drift-kinetic analytical model for scrape-off layer plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality

  • R. Jorge (a1) (a2), P. Ricci (a1) and N. F. Loureiro (a3)


A drift-kinetic model to describe the plasma dynamics in the scrape-off layer region of tokamak devices at arbitrary collisionality is derived. Our formulation is based on a gyroaveraged Lagrangian description of the charged particle motion, and the corresponding drift-kinetic Boltzmann equation that includes a full Coulomb collision operator. Using a Hermite–Laguerre velocity space decomposition of the gyroaveraged distribution function, a set of equations to evolve the coefficients of the expansion is presented. By evaluating explicitly the moments of the Coulomb collision operator, distribution functions arbitrarily far from equilibrium can be studied at arbitrary collisionalities. A fluid closure in the high-collisionality limit is presented, and the corresponding fluid equations are compared with previously derived fluid models.

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      A drift-kinetic analytical model for scrape-off layer plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality
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      A drift-kinetic analytical model for scrape-off layer plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality
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      A drift-kinetic analytical model for scrape-off layer plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality
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A drift-kinetic analytical model for scrape-off layer plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality

  • R. Jorge (a1) (a2), P. Ricci (a1) and N. F. Loureiro (a3)


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