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Cyclotron auto resonance maser and free electron laser devices: a unified point of view

  • E. Di Palma (a1), E. Sabia (a1), G. Dattoli (a1), S. Licciardi (a2) and I. Spassovsky (a1)...


We take advantage of previous research in the field of cyclotron auto resonance maser (CARM) and undulator-based free electron laser (U-FEL) sources to establish a common formalism for the relevant description of the underlying physical mechanisms. This strategy is aimed at stressing the deep analogies between the two devices and at providing a practical tool for their study based on the use of well-tested scaling formulae developed independently for the two systems.


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Cyclotron auto resonance maser and free electron laser devices: a unified point of view

  • E. Di Palma (a1), E. Sabia (a1), G. Dattoli (a1), S. Licciardi (a2) and I. Spassovsky (a1)...


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