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The Crab nebula energy origin and its high frequency radiation spectra

  • George Z. Machabeli (a1), A. Rogava (a1), N. Chkheidze (a1), Z. Osmanov (a2) and D. Shapakidze (a1)...


In the present work there is presented a model describing transfer of the Crab pulsar’s spin-down energy into the powerful synchrotron emission of the nebula. The process of the energy transfer consists of several consecutive stages. The physical processes underlying the theoretical model provide us with the synchrotron emission spectrum, which fits well with the observed one.


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The Crab nebula energy origin and its high frequency radiation spectra

  • George Z. Machabeli (a1), A. Rogava (a1), N. Chkheidze (a1), Z. Osmanov (a2) and D. Shapakidze (a1)...


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