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CO2 Laser acceleration of forward directed MeV proton beams in a gas target at critical plasma density

  • F. TSUNG (a1), S. YA. TOCHITSKY (a2), D. J. HABERBERGER (a2), W. B. MORI (a1) (a2) and C. JOSHI (a2)...


The generation of 1–5 MeV protons from the interaction of a 3 ps TW CO2 laser pulse with a gas target with a peak density around the critical plasma density has been studied by 2D particle-in-cell simulations. The proton acceleration in the preformed plasma with a symmetric, linearly ramped density distribution occurs via formation of sheath of the hot electrons on the back surface of the target. The maximum energy of the hot electrons and, hence, net acceleration of protons is mainly defined by Forward Raman scattering instability in the underdense part of the plasma. Forward directed ion beams from a debris free gaseous target can find an application as a high-brightness ion source-injector to a conventional accelerator operating up to kHz pulse repetition frequency.



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CO2 Laser acceleration of forward directed MeV proton beams in a gas target at critical plasma density

  • F. TSUNG (a1), S. YA. TOCHITSKY (a2), D. J. HABERBERGER (a2), W. B. MORI (a1) (a2) and C. JOSHI (a2)...


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