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Adiabatic effects of electrons and ions on electro-acoustic solitary waves in an adiabatic dusty plasma

  • FATEMA TANJIA (a1) and A. A. MAMUN (a1)


A dusty plasma consisting of negatively charged cold dust, adiabatic hot ions, and inertia-less adiabatic hot electrons has been considered. The adiabatic effects of electrons and ions on the basic properties of electro-acoustic solitary waves associated with different types of electro-acoustic (viz. ion-acoustic (IA), dust ion-acoustic (DIA), and dust acoustic (DA)) waves are thoroughly investigated by the reductive perturbation method. It is found that the basic properties of the IA, DIA, and DA waves are significantly modified by the adiabatic effects of ions and inertia-less electrons. The implications of our results in space and laboratory dusty plasmas are briefly discussed.



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Adiabatic effects of electrons and ions on electro-acoustic solitary waves in an adiabatic dusty plasma

  • FATEMA TANJIA (a1) and A. A. MAMUN (a1)


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