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Tiddalickia manitobensis, a new dictyosponge, and an unusual specimen of the lithistid sponge, Aulocopella winnipegensis Rauff, from the Ordovician of Manitoba

  • J. Keith Rigby (a1) and Edward I. Leith (a2)


The new thin-walled vasiform dictyospongid hexactinellid, Tiddalickia manitobensis, is described from the Ordovician Red River Formation at McBeth Point on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. Vertical spicule bundles are an outer? part of the wall and horizontal spicule bundles an inner? different level within the wall. Bundle quadrules are only half the size of those in Tiddalickia quadrata Rigby and Webby, 1988. A complete anthaspidellid lithistid, Aulocopella winnipegensis Rauff, 1895, is described from a glacial erratic recovered from near Reston, Manitoba.



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Tiddalickia manitobensis, a new dictyosponge, and an unusual specimen of the lithistid sponge, Aulocopella winnipegensis Rauff, from the Ordovician of Manitoba

  • J. Keith Rigby (a1) and Edward I. Leith (a2)


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