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Revision of Etyidae Guinot and Tavares, 2001 (Crustacea: Brachyura)

  • Carrie E. Schweitzer (a1), Rodney M. Feldmann (a2), Ovidiu D. Franţescu (a2) and Adiël Klompmaker (a2)


Members of the Etyidae and Feldmanniidae new family have unique arrangements of the spermatheca and gonopores that permit placement of each in different families and that differentiate each from all other brachyurans. Spermathecal openings are not always positioned along the sternal suture between sternites 7 and 8, suggesting that reproductive architecture within the Brachyura and what was formerly regarded as the Podotremata is considerably more diverse and disparate than previously thought. Etyidae and Feldmanniidae radiated in the early Cretaceous and survived into the Paleogene. New taxa include Steorrosia new genus, Bretonia new genus, Faksecarcinus new genus, and sixteen new combinations.



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Revision of Etyidae Guinot and Tavares, 2001 (Crustacea: Brachyura)

  • Carrie E. Schweitzer (a1), Rodney M. Feldmann (a2), Ovidiu D. Franţescu (a2) and Adiël Klompmaker (a2)


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