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Pacific Slope Cretaceous bivalves: eight venerid species

  • L. R. Saul (a1)


Four new venerid species from the Cretaceous of the North American Pacific Slope are described and four previously described species are reassigned. Of the new species, two are allotted to new genera: Rhaiphiale based upon Rhaiphiale pharota n. sp. and Egrona based upon Egrona fallax n. sp., both Turonian in age and from southern California. The other new species are Loxo quintense n. sp., of late Maastrichtian age from California, and Paraesa cedrina n. sp., late Albian in age from Baja California, Mexico. The previously described species “Meretrix” arata Gabb, 1864, Turonian, and “?Meretrixfragilis Gabb, 1869, late Maastrichtian, are placed in the new genus Callistalox; “Meretrix” lens (Gabb, 1864), Campanian age, and Flaventia zeta Popenoe, 1937, Turonian, are provisionally assigned to Paraesa Casey, 1952. This is the first identification of Paraesa from the Pacific Slope of North America. No species of Flaventia Jukes-Brown, 1908, is now known in Pacific Slope faunas.



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Pacific Slope Cretaceous bivalves: eight venerid species

  • L. R. Saul (a1)


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