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Late Permian (Lopingian) gastropods from the Qubuerga Formation at the Qubu section in the Mt. Everest (Qomolangma) Region, Southern Tibet (Xizang), China

  • Pan Hua-Zhang (a1) and Shen Shu-Zhong (a1)


Late Permian gastropod fauna in the Mt. Everest (Qomolangma) region, southern Tibet (Xizang), China is poorly known. This paper describes a small gastropod fauna collected by one of the authors (SSZ) from the upper part of the Qubuerga Formation at the Qubu section. The section is located at about 30 km north of Mt. Everest (Fig. 1). Although a limited number of specimens is available, the fauna is more diverse than all previously reported gastropod faunas (e.g., Yu, 1975) from southern Tibet. Description of the gastropod fauna in the Mt. Everest region adds significant data for understanding the distribution of gastropods during the Late Permian and the paleobiogeographic relationship between the Himalayan and Tethyan regions.



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