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Late Devonian (Famennian) rugose coral fauna of the Percha Shale of southwestern New Mexico

  • James E. Sorauf (a1)


Solitary rugose corals (Cnidaria, Rugosa) are common to abundant in the calcareous Box Member of the late Famennian Percha Shale (Lower expansa Zone) of southwestern New Mexico; the Box is best developed in the western part of the Percha outcrop belt. The corals include a number of forms characteristic of Strunian faunas throughout the world. Recognized here are Gorizdronia sp. cf. G. tenuis Rozkowska, Campophyllum? ursinum n. sp., Caninia cooperi n. sp., Siphonophyllia? folia n. sp., S.? corbicula n. sp., “Bothrophyllum” argenteum n. sp., “B.” argenteum argenteum n. subsp., “B.” argenteum bilateralis n. subsp., “B.” argenteum dibunophylloides n. subsp., Arachnolasmella elytra n. sp., and Cyathoclisia sp. A. This fauna is clearly ancestral to Carboniferous genera and species. Percha species, where represented by large populations, are seen to be remarkably variable, especially in axial structure.



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Late Devonian (Famennian) rugose coral fauna of the Percha Shale of southwestern New Mexico

  • James E. Sorauf (a1)


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