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Fasciculate rugose corals from Gzhelian and Lower Permian strata, Pequop Mountains, northeast Nevada

  • Calvin H. Stevens (a1)


Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian shallow marine rocks in the Pequop Mountains of northeastern Nevada contain an abundance of fossils, especially fusulinids and fasciculate corals. As the composite stratigraphic section in this area represents the most nearly complete sequence of this type of corals anywhere in the Cordilleran miogeocline, this study was undertaken to document their occurrence sequentially. This information should be useful for comparison with other sections in the miogeocline containing similar corals.

Only one species of Durhamina is present in the Gzhelian rocks. Durhamina, Heintzella, and Paraheritschioides occur in the Asselian rocks, and all of these genera plus Wilsonastraea are present in the Sakmarian part of the section. Corals in the Artinskian and Kungurian are represented by an advanced species of Durhamina and the very advanced durhaminid, Sandolasma.

Newly described species are: Durhamina primitiva, D. snyderi, Sandolasma perplexa, Heintzella davydovi, Paraheritschioides nevadaensis, and Wilsonastraea fraseri.



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Fasciculate rugose corals from Gzhelian and Lower Permian strata, Pequop Mountains, northeast Nevada

  • Calvin H. Stevens (a1)


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