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Early Permian colonial rugose corals from the Stikine River area, British Columbia, Canada

  • Calvin H. Stevens (a1) and Barbara Rycerski (a1)


Twenty-two species of Early Permian colonial rugose corals belonging to 12 genera from 10 locations in the Stikine River area in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, are described. These include three new species of Fomichevella (F. magna, F. southeri, F. bamberi); two species of Heintzella; five species of Heritschioides, of which three are new (H. bagleyae, H. garvinae, H. hoganae); two new species of Paraheritschioides (P. jennyi, P. wickenae); one new species questionably assigned to Kleopatrina (K.? stikinensis); two new species of Petalaxis (P. guaspariniae, P. neriae); and two new species of Lytvophyllum (L.? mongeri, L. wersoni). In addition, five new species assigned to five new genera are here named Eastonastraea complexa, Fedorowskiella simplex, Pararachnastraea lewisi, Stikineastraea thomasi, and Wilsonastraea rigbyi.

These corals occur in rocks forming part of the Stikine terrane, the largest tectonostratigraphic unit in western Canada. This coral fauna shows a very close affinity with that of the Lower Permian McCloud Limestone of the eastern Klamath Mountains of northern California, and there is some similarity to the Coyote Butte fauna of central Oregon. Several species compare most closely with species from Spitsbergen, but there are few similarities with any cratonal North American faunas and none with Tethyan faunas.



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Early Permian colonial rugose corals from the Stikine River area, British Columbia, Canada

  • Calvin H. Stevens (a1) and Barbara Rycerski (a1)


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