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Recent Developments in Automatic Steering of Ships

  • J. van Amerongen (a1) and H. R. van Nauta Lemke (a1)


This paper describes modern autopilots for ships. The development of modern optimal and adaptive control theories, together with the availability of inexpensive and fast digital computer systems, makes possible the design of more sophisticated controllers, which achieve better steering and save fuel. Autopilots which simultaneously control the yaw and roll motions are now being developed. In the near future it is to be expected that advanced track-prediction and track-keeping systems will facilitate the navigation and further contribute to fuel savings. The paper was presented at a Workshop held by the Netherlands branch of the Institute on 21 February 1986.



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Recent Developments in Automatic Steering of Ships

  • J. van Amerongen (a1) and H. R. van Nauta Lemke (a1)


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