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Ocean Vehicle Inertial Navigation Method based on Dynamic Constraints

  • Jiazhen Lu (a1) and Lili Xie (a1)


This paper proposes a dynamic aided inertial navigation method to improve the attitude accuracy for ocean vehicles. The proposed method includes a dynamic identification algorithm and the utilisation of dynamic constraints to derive additional observations. The derived additional observations are used to update the filters and limit the attitude error based on the dynamic knowledge. In this paper, two dynamic conditions, constant speed cruise and quasi-static, are identified and corresponding additional velocity and position observations are derived. Simulation and experimental results show that the proposed method can improve and guarantee the accuracy of the attitude. The method can be used as a backup method to bridge external information outages or unavailability. Both the features of independence of external support and integrity of the Inertial Navigation System (INS) are enhanced.


Corresponding author



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Ocean Vehicle Inertial Navigation Method based on Dynamic Constraints

  • Jiazhen Lu (a1) and Lili Xie (a1)


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