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New Algorithm for Great Elliptic Sailing (GES)

  • Athanasios Pallikaris (a1) and George Latsas (a2)


An analytical method and algorithm for great elliptic sailing (GES) calculations is presented. The method solves the complete GES problem calculating not only the great elliptic arc distance, but also other elements of the sailing such as the geodetic coordinates of intermediate points along the great elliptic arc. The proposed formulas provide extremely high accuracies and are straightforward to be exploited immediately in the development of navigational software, without the requirement to use advanced numerical methods. Their validity and effectiveness have been verified with numerical tests and comparisons to extremely accurate geodetic methods for the direct and inverse geodetic problem.


Corresponding author


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New Algorithm for Great Elliptic Sailing (GES)

  • Athanasios Pallikaris (a1) and George Latsas (a2)


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