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Unsteady Analysis of Microvalves With No Moving Parts

  • C.-T. Wang (a1), T.-S. Leu (a2) and J.-M. Sun (a2)


No-moving-parts valves (NMPV) pumps produce the net volume flow due to the difference of pressure resistances between forward and reverse flow of a microchannel structure. NMPV has been developed by a number of research groups. However, most of NMPV in these studies are designed and based on steady state flow conditions. Little data is available regarding the NMPV in unsteady flow conditions. In this study, the performances of NMPV under both steady and unsteady flow conditions are investigated numerically. The NMPV used in this study is a diffuser-type microchannel with diffuser angle of 20° because of its outstanding production of net volume flow. By a series of numerical simulations, some useful results would be addressed for the performance of NMPV micropumps. First, Reynolds number confirmed by steady analysis should be greater than 10 (Re > 10) for the NMPV pumps to be more effective. Second, an optimal Strouhal number with maximum net volume flow rate is found at St = 0.013 for the unsteady flow condition. In addition, the relation between the driving pressure amplitude and net volume flow rate with a linear behavior found was helpful to the performance of the micropump system. According to these findings, it was easy for users to operate and design of NMPV micropumps.


Corresponding author

*Assistant Professor
**Associate Professor
***Graduate student


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Unsteady Analysis of Microvalves With No Moving Parts

  • C.-T. Wang (a1), T.-S. Leu (a2) and J.-M. Sun (a2)


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