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Torsional Surface Waves in an Inhomogeneous Layer over a Fluid Saturated Porous Half-Space

  • S. Gupta (a1) and A. Pramanik (a1)


In the present paper the propagation of torsional surface waves is discussed in an inhomogeneous elastic layer lying over a fluid saturated porous half space. The inhomogeneity in rigidity and density in the inhomogeneous layer plays an important role in the propagation of torsional surface waves. The presence of fluid in the pores diminishes the velocity. Further, it is seen that if the layer becomes homogeneous and the porous half space is replaced by a homogeneous half space, the velocity of the torsional surface waves coincides with that of Love wave. The effect of inhomogeneity factors and porosity factor on the phase velocity of torsional surface wave is delimitated by means of graphs.


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