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Predicting Failure Behavior of Polymeric Composites Using a Unified Constitutive Model

  • M. J. Vallejo (a1) and R. A. Tarefder (a1)


This study predicts the failure behavior of an IM7/977-2 carbon epoxy composite material through a unified constitutive model. The traction-separation response and damage initiation and evolution behavior were studied by modeling a composite double cantilever beam subjected to a Mode I delamination. Damage within the composite panels was also taken into consideration through the use of the disturbed state concept (DSC). The finite element modeling software Abaqus was used to model the failure behavior of the composite using a unified constitutive modeling approach. The finite element model was validated by comparing the model results to referenced laboratory testing performed on IM7/977-2 carbon epoxy composite. The results of the finite element modeling performed in this study are in good agreement with the referenced laboratory testing. The damaged states associated with various stages of loading are presented in this study.


Corresponding author

**Assistant Professor, corresponding author


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