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Plastic Dissipation of the Fractional Plasticity using Modified Cam-Clay Yielding Function

  • P. Tai (a1) and Y. Sun (a2)


Soils usually exhibit state-dependent frictional behaviour that undergoes plastic volumetric deformation. To correctly capture such response under the framework of classical plasticity, a non-associated flow rule using additional plastic potential is inevitably needed. Recently, a novel fractional plasticity (FP) without using plastic potential has been developed, and successfully applied in modelling the state-dependent nonassociated behaviour of soils. However, the energy dissipation characteristics of FP has not been probed in depth. This note examines the plastic dissipation behaviour of FP, when modelling the constitutive behaviour of soils. It is found that the plastic dissipation of FP increases continuously with the shear strain. However, the rate of plastic dissipation depends on the initial material state in relation to the critical state line.


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Plastic Dissipation of the Fractional Plasticity using Modified Cam-Clay Yielding Function

  • P. Tai (a1) and Y. Sun (a2)


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