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Impact Response of a Fractionally Damped Spherical Shell

  • T.-K. Chang (a1), Y. A. Rossikhin (a2), M. V. Shitikova (a2) and C.-K. Chao (a1)


In the present paper, the problem on normal low-velocity impact of a solid upon an isotropic spherical shell is studied without considering the changes in the geometrical dimensions of the contact domain. At the moment of impact, shock waves (surfaces of strong discontinuity) are generated in the target, which then propagate along the shell during the process of impact. Behind the wave fronts up to the boundary of the contact domain, the solution is constructed with the help of the theory of discontinuities and one-term ray expansions. The ray method is used outside the contact spot, but the Laplace transform method is applied within the contact region. As a result, the exact solution of the contact force is determined as a function of time. This model is intended to be used in simulating crash scenarios in frontal impacts, and to provide an effective tool to estimate the severity of effect on the human head and to estimate brain injury risks.


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Impact Response of a Fractionally Damped Spherical Shell

  • T.-K. Chang (a1), Y. A. Rossikhin (a2), M. V. Shitikova (a2) and C.-K. Chao (a1)


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