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Holographic-Interferometric and Thermoanemometric Study of a Thermoacoustic Prime Mover

  • Z. Trávníček (a1), A.-B. Wang (a2), V. Lédl (a3) (a4), T. Vít (a1) (a4), Y.-C. Chen (a2) and F. Maršík (a1)...


A thermoacoustic standing-wave prime mover with a quarter-wave resonator has been investigated experimentally. The working fluid is air at the barometric pressure. The holographic interferometry and hot-wire anemometry have been used. A special optical setup, based on a Michelson interferometer, has been developed and used. The setup exhibits a double sensitivity, in comparison with a common Mach-Zehnder holographic interferometer. The results have confirmed a proper function of the prime mover, and advantages of the present optical setup.


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