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Flow of a Hydromagnetic Viscous Fluid between Parallel Disks with Slip

  • N. Khan (a1), M. Sajid (a2) and T. Mahmood (a1)


The present paper is devoted to the investigation of steady MHD axi-symmetric flow between two infinite stretching disks with slip effects. Our attention lies in obtaining the similarity solutions of the governing partial differential equations. The transformed boundary value problem is solved analytically for a series solution using homotopy analysis method. The convergence of the obtained solution is established and fluid velocity and pressure are analyzed for various set of parameter values. The obtained results are valid for both moderate and large values of Reynolds number.


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Flow of a Hydromagnetic Viscous Fluid between Parallel Disks with Slip

  • N. Khan (a1), M. Sajid (a2) and T. Mahmood (a1)


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