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Elastoplastic Analysis of a Functionally Graded Material Beam Subjected to Uniformly Distributed Load

  • L. J. Xue (a1), X. Y. Bian (a1), J. J. Feng (a2) and J. N. Liu (a2)


The elastoplastic behavior of a Functionally Graded Material (FGM) simply supported beam consisting of elastic material A and elastoplastic material B under uniformly distributed load is investigated. A power function is used to describe the volume fractions of the constituent materials, and the average stress of the FGM beam is obtained by using the averaging method. This method can avoid the assumption of the varying properties of the whole material, and can consider the different Possion’s ratios of the different constituent materials. What’s more, only the elastoplastic material B in the FGM beam will yield, and the yield function is determined by the stress of material B only, rather than the average stress of the whole material. The method used in this work is more closer to the real material than the method by assuming the variation of the whole properties of FGM. The theoretical results show a good agreement with the finite element results, which indicates that the method provided in this work is valid. With this method, the variation of the elastic and plastic areas, the stress distribution on the cross section, variation of the curvature and neutral layer, and the residual stress distribution of the FGM beam are discussed through numerical results. This work can provide a new way for the design and in-depth investigation of FGM material.


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Elastoplastic Analysis of a Functionally Graded Material Beam Subjected to Uniformly Distributed Load

  • L. J. Xue (a1), X. Y. Bian (a1), J. J. Feng (a2) and J. N. Liu (a2)


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