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Dynamic Analysis of Composite Laminated Circular Plate with Circular Delamination

  • D.-L. Chen (a1)


In this paper, the effect of delamination on free vibration and primary resonance behaviors of composite circular plate with circular delamination is investigated. Through Reissner Variational Principle, the nonlinear dynamic equilibrium equations, the generalized displacements continuity conditions and the generalized forces equilibrium conditions across delamination front and consistent boundary conditions of delaminated circular plate are obtained. In the work, by introducing Bessel Function and Modified Bessel Function and using Galerkin discretization method, the nonlinear dynamic partial differential equations of delaminated circular plate are transferred into a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Then by using semi-analytic method and multiple scales method, the effects of delamination radius and delamination depth in the thickness-wise on the natural frequency and primary resonance behaviors of delaminated circular plate are presented. The Results show that delamination has considerable effects on the natural frequency and its primary resonance behaviors of delaminated plate.


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Dynamic Analysis of Composite Laminated Circular Plate with Circular Delamination

  • D.-L. Chen (a1)


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