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Conditions of Intensive Evaporation of Heterogeneous Water Droplet in High Temperature Gas Environment

  • O. V. Vysokomornaya (a1), G. V. Kuznetsov (a1) and P. A. Strizhak (a1)


The results of a numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer during evaporation of a water droplet with solid inclusion in air at temperature as high as 1000K are presented. Typical heating steps of droplet until it reaches the conditions of intensive evaporation (i.e. the interface “solid inclusion – liquid” reaches the boiling temperature) are described. The roles played by the external air temperature and by the main properties of inclusion are detailed. The droplet size, the relation between the sizes of inclusion and a liquid layer during the heating up is determined. The necessary and sufficient conditions of intensive evaporation in the system “water droplet with solid inclusion in high-temperature air” are pointed out.


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Conditions of Intensive Evaporation of Heterogeneous Water Droplet in High Temperature Gas Environment

  • O. V. Vysokomornaya (a1), G. V. Kuznetsov (a1) and P. A. Strizhak (a1)


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